then I BYTE IT


encode is a process for which one takes information & codes it into useful a format for an intended platform | purpose.
  • EX: i encode HTML for the WWW.
this means that i would take information, usually provided by the Client, encode it in UTF-8 bits of data to be interpreted following current W3C Web Standards & delivered across the globe to others via a Web Server.


1st off, to understand what i byte, you must understand what a byte is -- a byte is a series of bits which consist of an 8 bit binary representation for on | off switches & is mathemtically expressed by a sequence of 0s & 1s.
  • 00000010 = 10 in Binary = 2 in Decimal
i byte over 9 programming languages across many OS with different achitectures. if you wish to know a range of the <code> that i can write please refer to the WHOIS for more info.


CAT, or more accurately typed as C.A.T., are my initials. i was born a dual citizen on Long Island in New York, USA as my father was born in Germany and my mother was born in the US.

my interest in computers was sparked at the age of 7 during a class project which involved writing a program on an IBM that calculated simple mathematical operations. i can recall the program as if i wrote it yesterday — a black and while monitor laid before me with lines of code that i wrote. the cursor blinked on & off, off & on. i was immediately mesmerized...


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CATENCODE, All Rites Reversed.