"if its got bits then i byte it"


Coding since '97

It's often hard to believe that decades ago I sat behind my 1st computer and had an unquenched curiousity to understand the what, why & how of this machine called the computer functioned.

Learn something neu

Whether you're looking to learn a new term or a skill, CAT has you covered. i could easily teach you how to learn new things via Facetime, Skype, etc with personalized lessons that fit your schedule.

What did CAT say?

Who is CAT?

CAT, or more accurately typed as C.A.T., are my initials.

my interest in computers was sparked at the age of 7 during a class project which involved writing a program on an IBM that calculated simple mathematical operations. i can recall the program as if i wrote it yesterday — a black and white monitor laid before me with lines of code that i wrote. the cursor blinked off & on & off & on. i was immediately mesmerized...

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