"if its got bits then i byte it"


Coding since '97

It's often hard to believe that decades ago I sat behind my 1st computer and had an unquenched curiousity to understand the what, why & how of this machine called the computer functioned.

Learn some Alphabets

Here's a lynx to the Alphabet Soup lessons which include 14 Alphabets via @TinyCards. if you have any suggestions then you can email me any time at lang @ catenco . de

What did CAT say?

Who is CAT?

CAT, or more accurately typed as C.A.T., are my initials.

my interest in computers was sparked at the age of 7 during a class project which involved writing a program on an IBM that calculated simple mathematical operations. i can recall the program as if i wrote it yesterday — a black and white monitor laid before me with lines of code that i wrote. the cursor blinked off & on & off & on. i was immediately mesmerized...