“ The Curious "Temp" File ”

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 23:48

The Curious "Temp" File...
@ location > /tmp

this file called, "transmission-blockfile-BQ3O0U" (11.7MB)

shows up and being the curious guy i am, i opened it in gedit to figure out what it's purpose was/is...

and to my astonishment it's a complete list of every known IP address range -- i further inspect it to see if this thing is in fact a mistake, but it's clearly legit and even lists such IP ranges like:

Department of Defense:

even some like >

FEMA FEMA2-132-19 (NET-4-21-132-64-1):

AND even further >>

US Dept of Treasury - TIGTA:
US Customs USCUSTOMS-134-4
US Department of Agriculture - NAL:

AND -- it even lists >>

World Bank Fund credit union:
The World Bank:
U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission:

WTF is up with this?? >>>

Bush Cheney Re-Election Campaign:
Bush Cheney Re-Election Campaign:

it is listed TWICE, i did not copy + paste it twice LOL

OK now -- i see serious potential here to knock out specific agencies world-wide with a list like this -- HOW did this thing find its way onto my HD?? what if a "terrorist" decided to hack his way into these servers??? the world as we know it would be seriously F'd up...

i am in NO way held responsible for anything ANYONE does with the IP ranges listed above and in no means condone "hacking" in anyway, but whoever let this list leak out on the net should be FIRED

anyone have a clue HOW this file ended up on my HD????

P.S. -- this list is 224,169 lines long (in case anyone was curious about that)

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