“ Well said, Agnes Gonxha A.K.A. Mother Teresa ”

Monday, February 7, 2011 6:09

If you are Kind,
People may accuse you of Selfish, Ulterior Motives;
Be Kind anyways.

If You are Successful,
You will win some False Friends and some True Enemies;
Succeed anyways.

If You are Honest and Frank,
People may Cheat You;
Be Honest and Frank anyways.

What You build in Years,
Someone could Destroy Over Night;
Build anyways.

If You find Serenity and Happiness,
They may be Jealous;
Be Happy anyways.

The Good You do Today,
People will often forget Tomorrow,
Do Good anyways.

Give the World the Best You have,
And it may Never Be Enough;
Give the World the Best you've got anyways.

You see; in the final Analysis;
It is between You and God.
It was never between You and Them anyways.

by Agnes Gonxha, A.K.A. Mother Teresa.

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