“ Even if Mark Zuckerberg ”

Monday, August 29, 2016 18:56

hi Remilla,

I have noticed your comment "Even if Mark Zuckerberg copied the idea of some one, it was done only after others failed to recognise its potential. He grabbed a chance instead of waiting for others."

you are absolutely correct. he copied the idea for THEFACEBOOK from someone, but he, and the 1 he had stolen his idea from, knew the potential. I would know this because I am that person. and I do not hold a grudge and I am not angry that he stole my idea, but he could have at least used different colors and layout as it copied mine 95% by the time he gained any significant user base. I was totally 4,000+ unique visitors a day without having to spam my website among Colleges. not to mention the Program Mark had called Synapse was also a stolen idea from my website in an application I wrote and distributed freely. Again - I do not hold a grudge, nor truly care about lawsuits because he distributes most of his earnings to a Good cause - Humanity. and that is Good enough for me, however I would have preferred he had contacted me and asked permission to use my idea(s) and color theme. I'm partially upset about that, but wish him all the best  

Anyway - I was just writing to thank you for pointing out the fact that "they" did not know it's true potential. I definitely did know it's true potential and because I was poor I could not continue to afford the Web Hosting any longer and closed the site down in 03-04. Subsequently when THEFACEBOOK began it's public access or so which led to it going viral.  

Anyway - just wanted to clear that up so you're 100% on the 'potential' aspect of the idea and why the 'original' owner (myself) has not stepped forward to complain about it. what Mark does for others and that is something I will admire about him, even if he is a <code> thief  

ca1o 4 m3ow,
-Chris T.

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