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Core Dump

/kȯr dəmp/

n. [common Iron Age jargon, preserved by UNIX]

1. [techspeak] A copy of the contents of core, produced when a process is aborted by certain kinds of internal error.

2. By extension, used for humans passing out, vomiting, or registering extreme shock.

"He dumped core. All over the floor. What a mess."

"He heard about X and dumped core."

3. Occasionally used for a human rambling on pointlessly at great length; esp. in apology:

"Sorry, I dumped core on you".

4. A recapitulation of knowledge (compare bits, sense 1). Hence, spewing all one knows about a topic, esp. in a lecture or answer to an exam question. "Short, concise answers are better than core dumps" (from the instructions to an exam at Columbia; syn. brain dump).

See core.