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[from a common description of recto-cranial inversion]

adj. 1. To be stuck, incapable of proceeding without help. This is different from having crashed. If the system has crashed, then it has become totally non-functioning. If the system is wedged, it is trying to do something but cannot make progress; it may be capable of doing a few things, but not be fully operational. For example, a process may become wedged if it deadlocks with another (but not all instances of wedging are deadlocks). Being wedged is slightly milder than being hung.

See also gronk, locked up, hosed.

Describes a deadlocked condition.

2. Often refers to humans suffering misconceptions.

"He's totally wedged -- he's convinced that he can levitate through meditation."

3. [UNIX] Specifically used to describe the state of a TTY left in a losing state by abort of a screen-oriented program or one that has messed with the line discipline in some obscure way.