i am CAT

  • aku CAT
  • ik ben CAT
  • je suis CAT
  • io sono CAT
  • 나는 다 CAT
  • わたしわ CAT
  • yo soy CAT


  • '87

    CAT became interested in programming at the age of 7 where his passion was sparked by an Elementary School Project programming on an IBM using BASIC in 87.
  • '97

    It would be a decade later that CAT developed a Website, hosted entirely from a self-constructed server, dubbed BKINC (Black Kattz, Inc.) in 97.
  • '07

    He has since repaired computers locally and remotely, while Programming, Designing Graphics & continues to do so today because it is his passion.
  • '17

    10 years CAT has been working under the DBA, CATENCODE with now 20 years Programming experience & 10 years Graphic Design experience.


CAT, or more accurately typed as C.A.T. are my initials. i was born a dual citizen on Long Island in New York, USA as my father was born in Germany and my mother was born in the US.

 my interest in computers was sparked at the ripe age of 7 during a class project that involved writing a program on an IBM to do simple mathematical operations. i can recall the program as if i wrote it yesterday -- a black and while monitor laid before me with lines of code that i wrote. the cursor blinked on & off, off & on. i was immediately mesmerized.

 flash forward 1 decade and i was writing my own Website -- i named this site BK INC, which was short for 'Black Kattz, Inc'. it was only fitting since i have taken on the handle | nickname of Katt bc there were, and still are, millions if not billions of CATS on the internet. and if you hadn't pieced that together by reading it in your head | out loud, 'black kattz' ≈ phonetic for 'black hats'.

 BK INC was started in 97 and taken offline in 04 which had ≈ 4k unique visits to the site a day. the site resembled a world known social media site that is still heavily used today. both BK INC and the social site had user profiles, photo albums, a newsfeed and so on. the only minor differences between BK INC and the site that happened to go live the same year BK INC went offline in 04 was that BK INC allowed its users a personal & public Cloud.

 speaking of which, Clouds were not a thing until BK INC came around and changed the internet. it also housed many applications that i personally wrote and shared publicly, as open source, along with my close friends DoS, LaZy, KaNG, SiCC and so on. 1 of my first programs, titled 'Kitty Litter' was a compilation of a language translator with built-in intelligence system that would learn languages via user input in chatrooms, an mp3 player that would know which songs you wanted to play, a nifty calculator that could do complex mathematics and much more.

 in short, CAT | Katt, has always been a decade ahead of the competition. however, CAT has always believed in open source & a free internet for all and because of these strict morals has not locked down anything for copyright and or patents as he believes some things in life should be free for all. so on that note, if you have or host any non-profit or 301c(s) corp. you are welcome to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as i will help in any way i can -- for free! i have helped many non-profit in the past and will continue to do so til the day i die ;]


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