“ my reply to ALL the idiots without the FACTS about Islam ”

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 21:35
my reply to ALL the idiots without the FACTS about Islam (and the US); [DO NOT READ IF YOUR ARE ISLAMOPHOBIC. YOU WILL DIE.] "what's even scarier is seeing that so many of my American brothers and sisters are easily manipulated into believing everything they're told on TV, the media or from other mindless idiots... and perpetuate hate speech. let me ask anyone with half a brain a simple question; do you have proof that Islam is terrorism?? if so, please share the facts with the rest of us. if not, get the facts right first. otherwise you're merely re-stating an opinion made by others. that is outright ignorant & naive. ...and what's even scarier is i can bet 1/10 have met face-to-face with a Muslim and never suspected it. do me a favor; next time you leave your house and go anywhere outside of your house ask the people you bump into if they are Muslim. did you know that Islam is the most racially diverse religion in the United States??? oh yes. they can be any color. oooo, scary. nobody is safe! go run and hide because they may try to force you to become Muslim or blow up your house because you disagree with them [sarcasm]. did you know that neary 1% of the USA is Muslim? that means nearly 1/10 of the citizens are Muslim. am i afraid they're going to blow me up or force me to do anything outside of my will? NO, NOT AT ALL. you know why? because i am EDUCATED. i have done the math and done the research unlike Mitt Romney. i do not create lies and try to create a mass-hysteria unlike the Republicans have been doing for DECADES. please, for the love of Allah, Budda, God, Satan or whoever the hell you believe in, do your own research and stop perpetuating the hatred already."

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