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Friday, May 16, 2014 5:04

well, well, well... what have we here? a blog? do i do blogs? nope, not quite, but perhaps i shall try.

i've decided to create this blog to share with the world my custom made artworks i make through out the week and post on various social sites, artist websites and so on.

pretty much if you google the word, CATENCODE, you can find me. it was why i've purposely chosen those exact key phrases as the name of the company, if i dare call it that, since it's a very unique combination of words and also 9 characters long (excluding the space). also, my 'music' page is listed as The 9 House, which also, not coincidentally, is 9 characters long (excluding the spaces).

why 9?

well, why not? ;)

9 is a very powerful number. also it's the phonetic of a word in my last name "nyen", which means "new" in Dutch. learn something new? i sure hope so. we should all strive to learn something NYEN every day of our lives.

so, that being said. i will attempt to learn myself some 'blogger' techniques and figure this stuff out in the AM and begin a blog for CATENCODE. i shall, in time, combine something for The 9 House here as well ;)

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