“ i have always found it interesting ”

Sunday, November 29, 2015 0:15

i've always found it interesting that the predominant msg among the 3 abrahamic religions is, 'there is only ONE _ & that ONE is _".

to me, this seemed to create an indisputable root belief that all others are disputable. ie we're right, they're wrong.

this never seemed to sit well with me. i saw this as a ruse in order to sway mass opinions on whim against the others.

sad thing is, this is not a story and this is not fiction, this is fact. and most coaxed into the cognition will even defend it.

kinda reminds me of this story of the woman whom fell in love with her abuser. it's truly a sad state to be stuck in.

i'm most curious to see how their story ends, but i'm afraid i don't have another few thousand years to wait around.

#NSL #NOTSOLOUD #OPNSL #WakeUp #Apocalypse #NWO

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