“ meeting Joel Mac, aka the 'street peddler' ”

Sunday, August 7, 2016 6:53

i remember meeting Joel Mac, aka the 'street peddler', like it were yesterday ~2K9/10. he was standing on the sidewalk in SoHo waving 2 me thru the window. i wave back and decide to step outside to Greet him. he asks for a smoke and i hand him a few and ask if he'd mind smoking 1 with me now and i will accompany him. he spoke about how the people on the sidewalk were scurrying around like nobody else mattered, and i nod. he says, "but i just try to make people smile" and continues "...even tho sum of the smiles are phony" and i shake my head and say "ind33d. and that's sad, but tru today and needs to change". he was really Good at making people smile, even if they were faked smiles. he then tells me that he is selling CDs and if i would be interested to hear some of his samples. i listened to quite a few songs from his iPod; Phony People, Thank You and, of course, Made in America; which, coincidentally was the reason i bought a CD from him. i liked how he reminded me of Bob Marley, and it wasn't bc he had dreads, it was bc his action and demeanor were very peaceful and loving. he seemed to love everyone regardless if they wore "dress clothes" or "street clothes" and i remarked, "yet we are rare breed". we agreed on many levels and chat for a while before parting ways - i have to say he was, and still is, 1 of the nicest people i've met in life... and even tho we've only met 4 a brief moment in the Grand scale i am Glad 2 see positive people prevail.

shhh... NOT SO LOUD.
the stars may hear you.

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