“ welcome back to Great White America ”

Thursday, November 10, 2016 22:51

ind33d.. i called it before Trump decided to run. remember the https://www.catencode.com/baa-those-black-sheep-take-everything post? 1st, build the wall to trap the sheep. next step is point the finger at the black sheep while shaving all their wool. third and final step is shaving and eating the remainders. it was already foreseen by the *stars.

and no, i'm not a 'libtard' or 'democrap' or 'republitard' - i'm an American that watches the trends and foresees what will come from all possibilities. i analyze data and base my analysis from stats. the race riots of the 70s will return. white supremist groups have tripled and this is only the start. and yes, all of which is the fault of Trump and his anti-gay, anti-muslim, anti-black and so on speech*. he should have never condoned the hatred in the 1st place and now that he's elect these folk believe it is OK to act upon the hate.

welcome back to Great White America.

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