“ Dear "Facebook Employees" ”

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 22:17

Dear "Facebook Employees" and or so-called "Developers"(programmers) or those resposible for the FB GUI (Facebook Graphical User Interface):

Please Alphabetize the Photo Albums in the ComboList AND add an Input Textbox to the Left so the user may sort pictures for efficiently by Typing their Query. Thanks for your consideration.

Sincerely, (sarcastically)
- Chris.T.

P.S. R.S. Textbox Inputs would be nice addition too. Users would enjoy adding "emphasis" to their posts since this is needed at times and may prevent "innocent" people from being arrested.

Lets say someone had posted a threat, possibly sarcastically, on their Facebook Wall and it was posted as public and this someone is being viewed on Facebook by the authorities and is arrested for their public Facebook threat, whether or not it was sarcastic. Is such an arrest by authorities legit because the public Facebook threat, whether or not it was sarcastic, was improperly emphasized to their understanding due to Facebook's lack of User Interface for emphasis on words? Is it a crime to emphasize improperly on Facebook without a proper emphasis on words?

Apparently, IT IS. (based on a True Story. Google it. You will WIN Knowledge. Knowledge backed, Guaranteed.)

If it is so, we must not improperly emphasize public threats, sarcastic or not, on Facebook. I believe Facebook should be held liable for ALL "Public" actions herein as a Co-Conspirator of prior arrests since Facebook would have made such an um-emphasized post happen.

Thanks again Facebook for making it happen! 🙂

P.P.S. Stop posting public sarcastic threats on Facebook. They may be watching YOU.

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