“ i would have come forward many moon ago ”

Monday, August 29, 2016 22:03

looking for Cameron Winklevoss + Tyler Winklevoss, the Winklevoss twins, regarding their May 17, 2011+ #Lawsuit versus Facebook. anyone that knows how/where to contact either Winklevoss Twin - please read ahead and share the #contact info ASAP as it could benefit you.

if you, the Twins, pay for any+/all legal+traveling expenses i will hand deliver you the #original #source #code for my #website, which #predates #thefacebook (forensic can figure that out easily), and resembles #facebook 95% in #layout, #banner, #color #theme, #functionality and so on for 51% #share, you may each claim 24.5% #stock totaling 49% +do with it what you wish. i will likely share with 3 people whom have helped me #beta #test the site during the mid to late 90s, which made it what it was before it was hijacked in the 2000s?. (those 3 are => KaNG, Kei + MiTZ) 1 of which helped compile the '#photo #album'. 1 whom helped decide on a final #XML + #PHP #newsboard (#newsfeed!) layout.. and 1 of which beta test til ever #bug was found + #fixed!

i would have come forward many moon ago, however i truly ♥ Mark Zuckerberg bc of his #Humanitarian efforts + would likely have done the same exact things with the $ that he has. and i am not mad he stole my idea... but, after reading an article today that claims Mark also created a program named #Synapse that ALSO resembles a program i had developed, which i also happen to have source code for, has made me a #bit more #agitated than taking 1 #idea and claiming it as your own... but 2? c'mon now. tell me it's pure #coincidence that 2 things are #cloned by #random by someone else that are 95%+ #identical?

in a way i am like Nikola Tesla whom had told Guglielmo Marconi that #Tesla admired #Marconi's work on #Radio #Waves, but was using many of his #patents (#ideas). well, Mark. i'm not mad about the billion dollar empire you've turned this into since you donate quite a bit (perhaps guilt?), but i am mad you stole 2 ideas from a fellow NYer and claimed both as your own. TSK-#TSK.

and again, this is not a #joke and this is not an #offer i believe that you 2 should #overlook. i will look forward to hearing from either of you. msg me @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with contact details.

*** no spam pls or i will #blacklist +#blackhole u + u will never c me again +no i will not give/show u the source codes, but i will post the screen shots of the layout with color, banner, etc shown 4 public comparison. +don't even think about writing me like ur my friend if u'd never have msg'd me otherwise. i will auto blacklist u on principle ***

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